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  We are a small, family owned and operated business located in central Illinois. We have recently moved to a small farm and now have lots of lovely green fields for goats, honey bees, organic herbs and medicinal plants that supply many of the wholesome fresh ingredients found in our products. Out of concern for the chemicals and synthetic ingredients we are exposed to on a daily basis led us to develop our organic line of body care products and of course our wonderful line of organic goats milk soaps! Growing up on a small rural farm in England my mother always went the 'natural' route; sage tea for sore throats, herbal salve for cuts and scrapes etc,  gleaning much from  the garden and countryside around. We now continue the tradition in much the same way and glady offer this heritage in our line of products at affordable prices. Only the highest quality, organic ingredients, herbal infustions, extracts, essential oils, our own honey and beeswax raised ethically and without chemicals, and fresh wholesome milk from our pasture raised goats form the basis of our creations. We hope you enjoy and benefit from them as much as we do!


Queen Anne's Lace

Camargo, Illinois



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